The only determining factor that makes a person want to bet is money. If we take the material factor out of the equation, no one will be motivated to gamble, with no adrenaline, no risk or just because something flashes on the screen. It would be abnormal to see the constant winner complaining about addiction, about being unable to give up and needing help, because – naturally – these are actions inherent to the losers.


There are three rather colorful periods in any gambler’s “career”:


The winning streak – when it is a green and easy world and the future seems bright

The losing streak – when it is no longer green and easy, but the future still seems bright

The disquiet (panic, fear, hysteria) – when everything falls apart and they look for a way to see the light


Contrary to the general opinion, to give up on gambling for good is rather easy. It is enough not to gamble one day, then one more, and to keep on going till a week, a month, a year, two years, five, a hundred years pass. It does not take a lot of preparation or theory – just do something with your free time (anything that comes to your mind and is useful to you).


At the same time, you take the following radical measures:


  • Exclude yourself from the gambling site(s) for an indefinite amount of time;

  • Block or delete your transfer account (like PayPal, Instadebit);

  • Use the money you save (that would be spent on gambling before) to pay off your debts and then to fund your personal projects.

Most people find it rather easy to control their impulses and the temptation to gamble, and manage to rebuild their lives without lots of difficulties. However, as practice shows, it is possible that they return to their old habits after a period of abstinence. 



Well, God works in mysterious ways, and some realize much later that they have to give up on the devilish thing. Still, the one who really wants to give up will jump out of their skin but will do it. Anyway, after a few bitter disappointments, one will return to the idea to give up, and this time it will be for good.


Those who do not want to give up for good but want to take it easy with the gambling can adapt their strategy in such a way so as to reduce the losses as much as they can, and gamble token amounts only when they feel like it (they are able to stretch 20 dollars – if they are not winning – for as long as six months by gambling 25 cents a few times per week).


However, there is a special category of addicts: those who give up smoking and take up drinking, that is, give up sports betting and take up games of chance (like roulette, blackjack, slots, poker). We could say that those adventurers like living on the edge and that they are looking for pleasures – or, rather, inviting trouble in. In their case, the risk of a bad ending is much higher.


Conclusion: the inability to control the gambling impulse represents an extremely serious alarm signal that must be taken into account.


If you find it impossible to give up on your own or if you prefer a much simpler way, forget your pride and contract a specialist who will find a way to help you.