Choosing the gambling house and opening an account


Of course, you already have a long list of gambling houses that wait impatiently for you to become their client. Still, before falling to their bait, make sure they meet your expectation and that you will be a valuable client. In order to avoid later regrets, check the following:


  • the ways to deposit and cash the money are acceptable for you;

  • they have a good reputation on the market;

  • they broadcast a large number of sports events and offer good odds;

  • have additional functions (like video broadcasts, statistics);

  • you are satisfied with the speed of sports events evolution updates;

  • the staff treats you right;

  • there are certain restrictions, conditions, prohibitions, etc.


Creating an account is extremely simple (for the gambling houses know that it is not in their best interests to complicate your life from the very beginning). You are only required to make sure that the information you entered is correct.


Some recommend opening several accounts simultaneously (in different gambling houses, of course), bringing up some solid and credible arguments that only the gullible will believe. In truth, the hidden agenda of these statements is purely related to advertisement.


Here is a little trick that can be useful to you (just as a measure of precaution): poke around in the settings and find the option to set a monthly limit for the money you put into the account. You will only win with this if you do this from the start, because:

  • you will manage your money in a much more rational and efficient way;

  • you will choose more carefully the games you will be betting on;

  • it is a measure of self-control in order to prevent addiction;

  • it limits your financial losses.


In order to make more profit and to make you spend more time on their sites, the gambling houses diversified the array of their services and put more games of chance on their sites (like roulette, blackjack, slots), and all this is not good for you. If in sports gambling you have the possibility to analyze the games, the statistics, the coefficients, making sure you get a positive result in a rational way, then the games of chance are controlled by a program, while your mind is at rest, hypnotized, your eyes open wide, waiting for a jackpot, while your money just slips away.


Conclusion: do not be like robots, just numbers in statistics that pump money into the accounts of the gambling houses, but win intelligently out of other people’s mistakes!


The moment of truth


If you pay attention to the elements that can be controlled and if you concentrate only on the kinds of sports you know best, you will definitely become a clairvoyant. This does not mean you will hit every ball out of the park, but it means that you will win a lot and lose a little.


Controlling your budget


Every single operation that you want to make must be analyzed in detail and justified. Nobody bets out of sporting interest or just for fun, the way the opinion leaders and the gambling houses want it.


The practice shows that some crazy money are lost because of several reasons:


One bets way too much on a single result, which, in case of a loss, proves to be fatal and extremely hard to make up for without putting more money on their account (for instance, as a result of several victories 1,000 units were won, then a bet of 900 units was placed and lost).


For this reason, the ones to suffer are the gamblers who are too sure of themselves. Applying the classical ALL or NOTHING principle shows that the strong emotions are probably much more important than the result itself. Obviously, in case of victory the joy will be endless and will serve as evidence of the gambler’s acumen and as an example for the future, while in case of a loss – despite the misery – the gambler will find an excuse to justify the choice he or she made.


The money are at no fault in order to be treated in such irresponsible manner. If you want strong emotions, take up parachute jumping, swim with the sharks, eat chili peppers, etc., but do not give up so easily on the thing that represents your financial security. Money is like toilet paper – you feel their absence painfully only when you run out.


One registers a long series of negative results (for example, out of 20 bets they win only one).


Nobody is protected from such unpleasant surprises, and they are caused by lack of serious attitude towards choosing and analyzing the games. When you have no specific criteria to base your research on, it is obvious that you do everything superficially and only your lucky stars can provide you a positive outcome.


One experiments and places bets chaotically (for instance, one tries the impossible wishing to make up for a great loss).


As a rule, this is something that rookie gamblers go through, using it as a way to learn the ways of the gambling. Only after they hit rock bottom countless times, they stop dreaming, get grounded and bet in a normal way.


Conclusion: It would be perfect if every bet was a win and not a single penny was wasted. As this is impossible, you will find below some tips for controlling your budget:


  • easy come, easy go (while the money you make with effort will be spent wisely, do not lose it in a stupid way);

  • establish monthly limits for the deposits and do not exceed them;

  • it is desirable not to make direct transfers from your bank account or VISA account;

  • divide the available amount into several equal shares and grow financially, slowly but steadily;

  • as soon as you reach the desired goal, cash the amount immediately and take a break from betting;

  • do not rush to put money on your account if you lost, because the lack of control will lead to even greater losses;

  • use your own funds to gamble and do not borrow;


  • only one big win or loss is enough to destabilize you and to make you commit errors;

  • if, after a lengthy period of time, you lost money, or if you feel you are losing control, give up on betting for good. The practical findings show that the “if you fall, get up and move on to win or to get better” story does not work here, because history will repeat itself with much worse consequences.


Control over time


The gambling houses display games daily, and their great variety offers the possibility to filter through them and to choose only something that is interesting. By choosing the periods of time when the preferred sports events take place, in such a way so that they do not conflict with your daily priorities (like studies, work, family, working out), you can develop an efficient time-spending program. Still, you do not need to dedicate to this activity more time or effort than necessary.


By the end of the chosen period of time or when the desired goal is achieved, cash the amount you won and forget about betting for a while. If you register losses as compared to the amount you started with, cash the remaining amount and leave betting alone for some time. Practical findings show that the lengthy breaks have a positive effect on concentration, analysis, emotional balance, and reduce the risk of addiction. Of course, the gambling houses would want you to play and to lose as much as possible, but you don’t have to please anyone to the detriment of your own interests.


Conclusion: if you want to do something else, do it and leave the betting for later, because sports events take place every day and you can win an extra penny anytime.


Control over the information


From the one hand, this includes absolutely every bit of useful information (statistics, rumours, news, the evolution of the events on the field in real time, etc.) for you to get a full picture of the outcome of a game. The way to interpret and use them depends only on your personal logic, because there is no golden rule that would work in 100% of cases.


From the other hand, there is data related to the legal and regulatory restrictions, the conditions and methods of betting, the ways to do financial transaction, preventing or battling addiction, etc.


Conclusion: there is no conclusion, because even a goat knows that it has to keep its eyes peeled in order to find a green pasture.


Control over the behaviour


Starting with the premise that this is an activity that can have a serious impact on your well-being, it is natural to be as serious as possible about it (or, if we use a fashionable word – it is all about responsibility). I believe you have noticed that absolutely all sites of this kind contain warnings about the risks and the consequences of betting and of games of chance, as well as the contacts of organizations that are there to help you. Also, they emphasize the fact that gambling is not a way to earn money but to have fun spending your time with gambling. You do realize that this is nonsense and an obvious double-standard policy.


Another funny statement is the ubiquitous recommendation to the gamblers to spend only a certain amount of money they can afford to lose. The suggestion is clear, isn’t it?


As you may have noticed, they wish you to have a good time, they offer help in time of need, and they need you not to earn money but to lose it, and not to cause problems.


The gamblers’ mistake is that they give in to the temptation to be able to make a lot of money within a short period of time, and behave so predictably that they fall victim to their own ambitions.


Conclusion: No one is fit to tell you about what kind of person you should be in order to give away your best and to succeed. You only know what they want from gamblers (to make money at their expense), and without the correct attitude time and money will be spent in vain.


Interesting observations:


  • the game turnarounds and the surprises happen less frequently in team games than in individual competitions;

  • the experienced betters bet less frequently but with larger amounts and only on games they consider to be “a sure thing”;

  • the live mode gambling offers much better odds, while the betters, as a rule, bet with smaller amounts and much more frequently;

  • the complex combinations offer the smallest chances of winning, and betters bet the least on such bets, even though they have good odds;

  • betting on one of two possible outcomes is the most realistic possibility to be able to win constantly;

  • with live mode games, the most attractive are the balanced set finals in games of volleyball, beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, soccer and basketball due to the impossibility to foresee the results and the very favorable odds;

  • in the long run, most gamblers lose more than win;

  • men are more attracted to sports betting as compared to women, while the proportions in games of chance are around 50 to 50;

  • to maintain interest towards gambling, the vocabulary is adjusted from time to time (for instance, gambling can be seen as “investment”, a way “to have fun”, which does not change the essence of the process);

  • Contrary to all expectations, most gamblers are intelligent educated people with stable financial situations.