The main source of income in the sports gambling industry is the losers’ desire to win. So, the only thing that make your money stay in their account and multiply is your ability to think rationally. In order to make your mind shine, I recommend you take a brush and soap and do some cleaning inside your head (if you are very fine, you can use a pen and paper).

Remember you are unique, just like everybody else, in fact



This is the classical modus operandi of an ordinary gambler:

  • they think they know sports, they often watch various sports events, and they are firmly convinced there is money in it for them;

  • they learn beforehand about the betting methods, the strategies, the money transfer options, the recommendations, etc.;

  • they analyze in detail which gambling houses match their expectations and open one or more accounts;

  • they make their first bets and fully experience the entire set of emotions, no matter how positive or negative they are;

  • create their own style, but still are looking for that little something that would make their winning chances grow;

  • they lose significant amounts of money in the long run and give up in the end, either willingly or with the help of a therapist.


Most gamblers who have been through such an experience believe it would have been better if they had never gambled and had bought something with the lost money (a trip to Hawaii, a smartphone, a car, medication, gifts for children, etc.), had kept the money or, after all, had donated the money to the poor.


Conclusion: the simplest and most recommended method of winning is NOT TO gamble (to avoid any kind of loss and to concentrate on other activities and personal achievements). If you are a sensitive, introverted person in poor health, if you are of advancing years, if your financial resources are limited, if you have children or if you consider yourself vulnerable in some way, then DO NOT gamble, and you will only get to win by learning from other people’s mistakes.


To make your dreams come true, you have to wake up first.


If you still consider yourself an exception from the general rule and if you decided to make use of your gift of clairvoyance, you will be interested to learn how some gamblers get to think and to act against their own best interests without realizing this fact immediately. Of course, you will avoid some losses if you pay attention to two details:


Not all that glitters is gold


In the attempt to learn about the most efficient gambling strategies, methods, financial planning, etc., it is desirable to avoid applying the information you found in an immediate and blind way. You will achieve nothing but loss of money in a very stupid way by testing your findings, because nothing new was invented. The same stories are written all over the place (for instance, Martingale, d’Alembert), and the ingenious ones are doing nothing but repeating them in various ways in order to seem original and to attract the curious. Do not let your mind relax and do not let others think for you by suggesting how to place your best, how to manage your budget, and – which is worse – on what games and results to bet.


If you don’t think, you suffer


The specialist sites are conceived in a way to call to action, to attract and to keep clients, to influence their decisions by using various psychological tricks. Behind them, there is an extortion mechanism (to extort your money and to screw with your head), which is very well designed. For all that, they are middlemen between the things happening in the playing field and your own intellect, while the results you register depend only on yourself.

Let me make this clear: nobody is pushing you to place a bet, but all the conditions are created in order to make you want to bet (like offers, good odds, advertisement) and to make you be as active as possible on the site. As soon as these stimuli find their target, an amazing thing happens: the aforesaid mechanism (of extortion) is activated.


Conclusion: Use the power of your own intelligence, because no one will bet and win for you. Those who learned a bit later than their fellow betters realized that the best choices are made when you are well-informed, well-rested, had a good meal, are not in a hurry and when you have a great variety of sports events to choose from. For this reason, profit from these moments when you are in top form in order to intellectually shine in favor of your own wallet. However, the key element is to know when and how to stop in due time in order not to lose what you had won before.

Track the signals sent by your own body and take a break for a while if:


  • you are tired (blurry vision, sleepiness);

  • you have a total lack of interest or are bored;

  • the sports events taking place are not promising;

  • you feel you lose control of the situation