You don’t have to be a great scientist or to take a bunch of psychological tests in order to know when the gambling becomes a problem.

The idea is that the addicted have the false impression that they control the situation and that they will just click their fingers twice to make it right in case if there are anomalies in their behavior.


Actually, the change is surreptitious and the moment when the addiction appears is not easy to calculate. The world of science probably has some answers, but the ordinary man does not know such details and does not even find them interesting as long as he feeds on the illusion that he will find a method to make millions gambling.


In order to compete with others and to offer quality services, the gambling houses contract the services of the best specialists, use the last technological innovations and resort to psychological tricks. In fact, they talk about the dangers formally, just for show or to satisfy the authorities, the reality being that without self-protection techniques the gambler risks complicating his own life.


To avoid becoming a melancholic zombie or being called a bunch of medical names, you can use some simple tricks:


  • avoiding emotional involvement (keep your nerves under control);

  • showing total indifference to wins or losses;

  • establishing precise and realistic goals good for specific short intervals of time;

  • shutting down the sound on the gambling house site;


  • not following the evolution of the game after having placed a bet (the exception is the case when your goal is to cash the amount you gambled before the game is over);

  • establishing monthly limits for money transfers and following the restrictions;

  • separating personal money from those earmarked for gambling;

  • dedicating only certain periods of time to gambling, with breaks in between;

  • having an active lifestyle (work, studies, sports, hobbies, etc.);

  • sleepiness, tiredness, alcohol, sicknesses, drugs have an effect contrary to the expectations when it comes to gambling;

  • interacting with your family and friends on a regular basis and meeting new people;

  • talking about gambling openly with your near and dear ones (in the event of excess they will ring the alarm);

  • reviewing your budget on a regular basis;

  • spending as little time as possible on the gambling house site;


After you take care of all the precautions, you will need to monitor continually your inner state, your relationships with others, and your own financial resources.

If you feel you are about to act to the detriment of your own interests, your own wishes, or if whatever is going on causes you discomfort, it means that your system gives you alarm signals that must be taken into account. If you ignore them and do nothing to control the situation, a long sad period of decline will inevitably follow these symptoms.


Alarm signals

Of financial natureOf social natureOf psychological nature

you win much less than you lose

you borrow, steal, sell your things etc. to make money for gambling

you do not respect the limits for transfers you imposed for yourself

gambling is considered as your main source of income and a way to get rich fast


you isolate yourself from the world and gamble

you gamble at work, in school, while traveling, etc.

your relationships with your family, friends, colleagues are deteriorating

you forge relationships with people from the gambling world and you gamble together

you lose control over your own actions (for example, you want not to gamble, but you do it automatically)

you become nervous, impatient, curious if you give up gambling for a while

you feel comforted and relaxed while gambling

lengthy depression in case of a loss and euphoria in case of a win

Conclusion: Everyone knows their own system enough in order to know when it feels threatened and knows about the damages that can possibly occur. By foreseeing and avoiding these unpleasant consequences, we create a medium that is conductive to our personal development, emphasizing security and things that make us really happy.


If you reached this threshold, the presence of these signals should make everyone think that it is time to talk openly with themselves.